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Our LIVE Catbitats Feed, Catbitats Fans

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Catbitats, Catios – Outdoor Enclosure LIVE Feed!!


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Hey Catbitats, Catio’s or Outdoor Enclosure fans!!!…

We’d thought it’d be pretty cool for all you Catbitats fans out there, to be able to check out our Enclosure…whenever you want. So, with the help of DC Systems and Cloudteria, we are able to bring you our Catbitat….LIVE…24 hours a day!!…Seven days a week!

What will I see?

Well…that depends on when you are looking in. We have four (4) camera’s setup around our yard:

Camera # 1 (Upper Left):  Scruffy Cam. This camera shows two bug free feeding dishes for Scruffy (and friends). Scruffy will suddenly appear soon after dark (around 7pm). She will come and go all night. A few other Feral cats have been known to show-up from time to time…so keep watching! Don’t know about Scruffy? Click on me!

Camera # 2 (Upper Right):  This camera shows our first enclosure. This enclosure is connected to our house, by a short Tunnel. This Tunnel is attached to a Cat Door. This is how they enter and exit the Catbitat! Our cats (Spike and Domino, and kittens Oreo and Puff) come in and out of the Catbitat all day!!!  Rain or shine…it upt to them. They will come inside when they get too hot…or too cold….so we don’t worry about them! They’re safe within the Catbitat!

Camera # 3 (Lower Left):  This camera shows our largest enclosure! It’s literally wrapped around a live tree!! The kitties just LOVE it! We have PetSafe artificial turf on the bottom..and we will be adding a nice little automatic fountain..for those warm days! They just can’t get enough. Spoiled cat’s, right!!

Camera # 4 (Lower Right):  This camera shows a close-up of our first enclosure. This camera will also catch Spike, Domino, Oreo and Puff, thoughout the evening and early morning hours. They play, they sleep…they relax. All safe and sound…in their Catbitat. But birds beware…the Catbitat is no place for you! Click here and Take a look!


How will I know the cats are outside??

They’re most cats…they are mostly active at night and early mornings….but follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!!  When we can, we will shoot out short blasts like: “Scruffy’s in the yard” or “They’re all outside”. When you get the Tweet or Facebook post….hit this link!:

Watch us expand!

We are always expanding our Catbitat! Who knows when we will add more Tunnels, Bridges and Towers (oh my!)  We can’t wait!!

Questions? Comments??

Feel free to drop us an email, Tweet or Facebook note!  We’d love to here from you! Interested in a Catbitat for your home? Just contact us @ or give us a call: 480-221-9013

Oh and one more thing….this is a LIVE feed of our home….so what you see is what you get!!




Dwayne & Kelly