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Dual Tunnel Catbitat (Goodyear, AZ)

The owner of this Ultra-cool Catbitat, wanted to eliminate any "traffic jams" in their we installed DUAL Tunnels (high and low). Now their kitties have a Fast Lane to whichever Catbitat they want!


Foster Home Catbitat

The owner of this beautiful Catbitat, is not only a Doc.....but a rescuer and foster parent!! Thanks so much..for all you do!


Catbitat Chic

A little classy number....


Catbitats Adds A Sky Box!!

Like you, we want to give our kitties the best life when we get a chance...we add on to OUR Catbitat! We just added what we call our SKY BOX (ENB-44). They LOVE it!! It's complete with Pet Safe artificial turf and a water fountain!


The Fritz Family (Phoenix, AZ)

Hey All! We just finished installing another Catbitat for the Fritz Family! The cats were so excited, they bolted through the cat door...before we finished cleaning up!! The owners plan on installing trees and shelves, later this week. We left the two smiling humans...and two happy kitties!! Congrats to them!


Michelle's Feral Rescue Enclosure (Phoenix, AZ)

After dreaming of it for months, Michelle was finally ready for her Catbitat! Michelle has been driving 30 miles a day, everyday, to care for several Feral Cats she rescued. All the cats have been TNR'd....and waiting for Michelle to come and get them! Congrats Michelle!! Keep up the great work!

Kitty playground, catbitat 024.jpg

Melanie's new Catbitat (San Diego, CA)

One of our favorite installations!! This large Catbitat installation in beautiful San Diego, CA features a Tower, several Tunnels, a Bridge and a large Enclosure.



Different Enclosures from Around the World


Our Furry Friends

Pictures of Spike and Domino...and our new Rescue's.....Puff and Oreo!!

Scruffy’s Story (part 1 Feeding Time)

Scruffy’s Story (part 2 Scruffy Gets Some Shelter)

The Saga of Scruffy and Her KLittens…(part 3 A TNR Story)

Scruffy’s A Chick?!!!

Scruffy’s Kittens!!!

Scruffy Cam!!!

Scruffy Saves Oreo from the Dangerous Ledge!!!

Oreo’s in Trouble…Again!!

Spike Bags A Bird!!

You can make a difference!

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