Why let my cat outside?



 Don’t think so?  Leave a door or window open!

If your cat could talk…they would tell you that they want out! You’re not the only creature that gets cabin fever! Cats feel the stresses of indoor confinement, like you do. High anxiety, bad kitty behavior, lethargy and “Fat Cats” are some of the symptoms of indoor confinement.

Room to roam (inside and out), leads to happier, healthier cats!

So why not just open the door or window, and let my cat roam?

Simple.  Predators.

An unprotected outdoor cat, has a five time higher mortality rate, than an indoor cat. It’s the age old problem of cats verses wildlife. And wildlife eventually wins. But Catbitats are designed to protect your cat from the dangers and problems of wandering, such as:

–       Getting hit by cars (mostly at night).

–       Getting attacked by other animals.

–       Feral cats infecting your cat with fatal disease’s, like FIV
        (feline immunodeficiency virus) or Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).

–       Being poisoned (either on purpose, or by ingesting something toxic they come upon).

–       An evil neighbor.…or his teenaged kid? They might not be cat lovers?

–       Or, your cat killing another pet or wildlife.

Our Catbitats can protect your pet from these worries!. Our cat enclosures are sturdy, escape-proof & maintenance free. These are not cat cages, or pens, but cat enclosure systems that enhance your cat’s life.

Here in the beautiful state of Arizona…how much time do you spend outside…without your cat?

Our Catbitats allow you to spend more time with your cat (in a safe environment).

With the properly installed Catbitat, you can spend your days (and nights) worry-free.

No need to worry about the coyotes..or your neighbors dog! Your feline is safe (and happy) within the Catbitat.

For further peace of mind, we offer several monitoring solutions; from GPS, to occupancy sensors, to wired/wireless camera’s. You can monitor your cat (and the area around the enclosure) on your home PC. Mac, TV, touchpad…or even from the other side of the world!

We install each cat enclosure with your home, budget, and landscaping in mind.
For apartment dwellers, we have special designs for you and your cats, too!!  They want out, also!


Feel free to drop us an email (dcarter@Catbitats.com), or better yet…fill out a survey, so we can help you better!!  We can always be reached at (480)-221-9013.

Ask for Dwayne or Kelly! 

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