Catbitats is a family-owned and operated business. We do the design work and (if needed), we can do the installations as well (mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area).

Our furry family is the reason and inspiration for Catbitats. Since they are such an important part of our family; it makes us sad to leave them inside so much (while we are outside, playing). Living in Arizona, we spend many hours enjoying the yard, but we’re always saddened by their little faces, pressed against the patio glass.

Then we had a thought….Cat Patio! We thought the eight-foot cinder block wall surrounding our backyard would be fine…..but Spike scaled it within seconds. Then came the harness and leash idea….which meant instead of enjoying the great outdoors, my wife and I spent all our time, unwrapping and untangling angry cats. No more Cat Patio……

To complicate the situation even more…we cared for a small pride of Ferals in our yard. They were part of our family too…but for health reasons, we needed to keep them apart.

That’s when we thought about…Catbitats! What we really wanted, was a Cat-Habitat….CATBITATS! After researching dozens of companies around the world…and talking to many fellow cat owners and veterinarians…Catbitats was formed. We have discovered countless cat owners, all with the same problem. How do I let my indoor cat enjoy the benefits of being outside..safely?? A Catbitat is the solution!

We all want to give our cats the best quality of life possible, and access to the outdoors is crucial for the overall well-being of cats. Experts agree that cats are very similar to dogs in that their lives are enriched by the sights, smells, and textures of the outdoors.

We loved them so much, they are the only outdoor enclosures we install. Made of 2″ x 2″ STEEL mesh, our enclosures are heavy and safe! Needless to say, whether it’s day or night… when our kittens are outside enjoying their Catbitat Catio, we don’t have a care in the world. They are happy and safe!

Why Us?

Best Materials

Each enclosure is created using durable, powder-coated steel components and a sturdy mesh fence that can withstand various climates and keep out other animals, ensuring your cat’s protection. Our catio company offers steps, flooring, and bridges that are made from high-quality cedar wood, making it a long-lasting option.

15 Years of Experience

We’ve had more than 15 years designing and installing Catbitat products. Our components are designed specifically for our enclosures, making them purpose-built and top of the line. Our furry buddies use and test all of our products before we offer them to you. We won’t offer you products we aren’t comfortable using with our own pets.

Professional Services

With 30+ years of IT Project Managment experience; Catbitats treats each client with professionalizum, privacy and respect. Your Catio design is important to us, no matter how large or small. We approach each client's desires with the same goal in mind....Happy Pets and happy owners!

Our Test team

Mr. Spike


Mr. Spike (and his sister Ms. Domino) are the original Catbitat Crew. Spike had the ability to sneak out of any door, at any time. Lucky for us, he never went very far! His favorite past time, is to sit mid-Tunnel or sleep on the shelf, over-looking the Feral Feeding area.

Ms. Domino


Ms. Domino (and her brother Mr. Spike) are the original Catbitat Crew. Domino is the jumper. She can scale an 8 foot wall in to hops (we found out). She is the ultimate hunter, and spends her day and nights, stalking through her Tunnels!w

Ms. Oreo

Product Acceptance

Oreo is such a character. We never know what she's going to do! She prefers the lower shelves, but when it's open she likes to roll around on the "Tree House" shelf and watch the birds! If she likes a new Catbitat product, it's a keeper!


Product Tester

Puff is a rowdy boy! We call him "The Destroyer"! He brutally tests all of our Catbitat products to the limit! He likes to pound the shelves hard, as he makes a "rapid run" up and down the Tunnels. We hear him before we see him. Stealthy he is not...but he's super-soft (which is why we call him Puff).