18 Pre-Designed Enclosure Kits

Our 18 Pre-Designed Enclosure Kits come with everything you need!

We include instructions and all the items you need to put your Catbitat together. With a few common tools, most handy people can assemble a  catio over a weekend (we recommend two people for safety).

If you get stuck, just give us a call!

DIY Enclosures & Parts

Are you a Handy Person and want to do it on your own? Do you just need a Tunnel here or a Bridge there, to make your Catio come to life? We have hundreds of bare Enclosures, Tunnels, Bridges, Shelves, Awnings and parts for you!

Our Full Product Catalog

Our complete line of Catio parts and Enclosures

Custom Catio Design Assistance

In most cases, we can modify one of our 18 Pre-Designed Kits to work within your space. But sometimes…only a Custom Catio will do!  Catbitats will assist you with FREE design work, place your order, and track your delivery. Just contact us!

FREE Consultation

If you don't know what you want...but you KNOW you want a Catbitat...just give us a call at (480) 221-9013 or email us at:

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