• The Courtyard

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The Courtyard is our most spacious and interesting pre-configured catio design. It was created to maximize the vantage points, activities, and space for your cat(s) to explore.

The Courtyard catio features a center courtyard area for this cat castle where you might plant a garden or set up a table and chairs to watch your cat(s) explore and play! There is something for every cat in the Courtyard. With multiple enclosure areas connected by tunnels and stairs, both high and low, there is room for many cats in the Courtyard!
Keep in mind the tunnels, stairs, and enclosures can be repositioned as you see fit during assembly so that you can arrange them in a way that works best for your site.

Please note that additional accessories such as awnings, hammocks, ramps, and scratching posts are not included with the catio kit but can certainly be purchased separately!

What’s Included:
1 Four-Sided Enclosure with wire mesh floor (46”D x 92”L x 92”H)
1 Four-Sided Enclosure with wire mesh floor (46”D x 46”L x 92”H)
1 Four-Sided Enclosure with wire mesh floor (46″D x 46″L x 46″H)
1 Standard Tunnel (92”L)
1 Standard Tunnel (60”L)
2 Four-Step Stairs
17 Adjustable Shelves (Western Red Cedar) with mounting brackets
18 Planks of Western Red Cedar for the floor of all enclosures
2 Human Entry Doors (24”L x 60”H)
1 Human Entry Door (24”L x 36”H)
Pliers, fasteners, heavy-duty wire cutters, metal file, and instructions.


Our enclosures are made from durable galvanized steel mesh panels that are then powder-coated black to ensure a long-lasting weatherproof finish.

Floor and Shelves:
Our shelves and floor are cut to size and made from cedar, naturally resistant to water, bugs, rot, and mold. It is the ideal material choice for outdoor catio shelving and flooring.

Human Entry Doors:
The access doors are 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall. This purposely small door is designed small for a reason. It is installed 4 inches off the ground as well. The door has been tested since 2003 as the most effective way to force the person entering to be mindful of their surroundings. When you enter a door like this, you will naturally be careful of where you step, what is above you, and to the side. All of this awareness has proven time and time again to minimize any would-be kitty escapes during entry. The swing of the door (left or right-hand swing) is adjustable and can be set to either option during assembly.

Holes for Tunnels, Towers, Stairs, etc.:
Component holes are not cut where the tunnels, bridges, stairs, and other components meet the enclosures. Since the mesh is relatively easy to cut on-site during assembly, we leave the choice of where these holes are located up to you so you can position them as you see fit. This also avoids costly mistakes being made and/or accommodates site issues discovered during assembly.