What’s a Catbitat or a Catio?!

Catios..or Catbitats…If you love your fuzzy friend,and you want them to have the best living environment possible..You’ve come to the right place!


Habitat Haven’s Cat Walk

At Catbitats (pronounced “CAT”-“batats”…Cat Habitats…get it?),we strive to provide you with the best cat (and small dog) environments possible. Some people call them Catios…we call them Catbitats!

We design and install outdoor enclosures (also known as catios), to fit YOUR needs.From pre-formed “Kits”, to elaborate custom installations, Catbitats will design the perfect enclosure for your home…and your budget.

Take a few moments to view our website and FAQ page.  Look or us on Facebook and Twitter! We look forward to “friending” and “following” you!

Have you been looking around? Doing your research? Feel overwhelmed or Don’t know where or how to get started?! That’s what we’re here for!

Feel free to email or call us for more info!..or better yet…fill-out our simple survey…and we’ll contact you!

While we love to install your catbitat for you, most of our clients are diy!

Take a few pictures and some rough measurement..then send them to us! 

with your help, We then get to work, designing and planning the best catbitat for your home or apartment. If you are in arizona..or close by..we could be installing your new outdoor enclosure!!

We do all the work..your furry friends have all the fun!

From an apartment “Window Deck” to a custom outdoor “Suite”, Catbitats is here to assist you!

Hurry! Your furry friend wants OUT!!


Habitat Haven’s Large Cat “Suite”



Catbitat 5

Catbitat 7






Apartment / Condo Catio Small

Apartment / Condo Catio Medium