FAQ’s…or….Tell me about your Outdoor Enclosures!

Outdoor Enclosures for CATS

Q. I’m totally confused about what we need! Can you come over and take a look?!

A. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, we would love to come over and take a look! Even if you live elsewhere, we can still help! It all starts with this Short questionnaire or call us at 480-221-9013!!

Q. How large of an enclosure should I get?

 A. The bigger the better! It depends on your yard (or lack of), and your budget. Give us a call…we can help you decide.

Q. Can you help us with accessories and other items?

A. Absolutely! We actually prefer to install your enclosures as complete as possible. When we leave your home, we want your cat to be able to run right in!

Q. How long will it take for my cat to get used to the enclosure?

A. It all depends on your cat, as they are all different..but it normally takes between 10 min. to one week!! In most cases, your cats will be climbing into the Enclosure…before we can pack up our tools!

Q. Are there access doors on the tunnels?

A. Normally, no…but you can add access doors to your Tunnels very easily.

Q. My cat weighs 22 pounds. Will this enclosure work for her?

A. Yes. Our enclosure systems are suitable for multiple pets. Our enclosure systems ensure that your cats can turn around and also pass other cats in the tunnels.

Q. Is it true that it’s against the law for my cat to walk across someone else’s yard?

A. Possibly, Yes! Many cities have passed legislation restricting cats from roaming free, all across the US.

Outdoor Enclosures for DOGS

Q. Will enclosures work for small dogs?

A. Yes, if they stand no more than 12″ at the shoulder. Our enclosure systems are suitable for multiple pets. We have tested our enclosure system to ensure that small dogs of that size can turn around easily in the tunnels.


Q. How do I pay for this enclosure?

A. We accept credit cards, payment services, certified bank checks or money orders. Generally, you would pay for the enclosure during the ordering process, then we would collect a small installation fee when your enclosure is installed!

Q. How long does it take for shipping?

A. It varies on the enclosure and accessories. Four weeks (business days) is the norm. You will receive an email confirmation that the order has been shipped. 

Q. How much maintenance is required?

A. There is virtually no maintenance required for your enclosure. The galvanized steel mesh doesn’t rust. If you chose cedar wood for floors and perches, it weathers naturally and resists rot. The plastic wood is care-free. We recommend you grease the hinge pins on the two door hinges once a year with bicycle grease. 

Q. Can I install the enclosure by myself?

A. YES YOU CAN!! Most of our clients do! While we’d love to travel around the country installing our Catbitats…we just can’t…but with our help…YOU can!! Just give us a call (or email us)

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