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Catbitats is a family owned and operated business, run by Dwayne Carter. Dwayne (and friends)  do the installations. While Kelly has been a cat lover and owner since a young age, I (Dwayne) was strictly a “Dog Guy”…until….Domino and Spike (and their 2 other brothers and sisters) came into our lives.

About five years ago, (while cleaning the pool), I heard the cries of several kittens. We had noticed a feral cat running through our yard, but we thought nothing of it. Apparently, this feral cat decided to have her litter, inside our outdoor grill! After waiting a few days for their mother to return…we couldn’t take the cries of the kittens any longer. We feared they would not last much longer without food or water. We opened the grill, and the litter quickly made their way into the house. We quickly discovered that the kittens were VERY young (about 4 weeks old) and would need our help.  (See feral rescues…..)

To survive, we had to hand feed them special formula (supplies were purchased at a local Petsmart store). Unable to care for all the kittens for long, adoption was quickly discussed. Kelly and I, (with the help of Petco’s Adoption Services) made arrangements to have two of the four kittens adopted, once they were old enough. The agency insists that all the kittens were spayed, neutered, and”chipped”(ID tags are planted under their skin),but NOT declawed, prior to being adopted. A little bit of money…but well worth it.

In short order…two kittens were adopted out…and our two favorites remained. Spike (male tabby) and Domino (female Black princess). Domino had a bout with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). She was treated with Dasuquin (which we now give her on a daily basis). She hasn’t had a UTI since!

The two kittens (brothers and sister), couldn’t be more different. Spike is a wild boy! He is active, playful and loud. He’s into mischief (he has learned how to open most of the drawers in the house…and likes to empty the contents as quickly as possible)! He’ll also play “fetch” with you (he favors a special, yellow plastic bracelet) and plays a mean game of “Toilet Hockey” (video to be uploaded, soon). Not really a Lap Cat, but Spike will drop into your lap, from time to time…just when you need a little affection.

Domino is the opposite. She is quiet and reserved…almost regal. She sleeps constantly (often retiring early, with Kelly), and prefers the spot between Kelly’s pillow and mine. She is most definitely a Lap Cat (but Kelly insists that she mostly sits in MY lap). She is never far from me, and spends hours sleeping on my keyboard (like she’s doing right now). But she’s the KILLER between the two. Should a foolish mouse wander into the house, Domino will make short work of it.

Since they are such an important part of our family; it makes us sad to leave them inside so much (while we are outside, playing). Living in Arizona, we spend many hours enjoying the yard, but we’re always saddened by the two little faces, pressed against the patio glass.

Then we had a thought….Cat Patio!  We thought the eight foot cinder block wall surrounding our backyard would be fine…..but Spike scaled it within seconds.  Then came the harness and leash idea….which meant instead of enjoying the great outdoors, Kelly and I spent all our time, unwrapping and untangling two angry cats. No more Cat Patio……

And now another feral cat has wandered into our yard! (see “Scruffy’s Story”)…

That’s when we thought about…Catbitats. After researching dozens of companies around the world…and talking to many fellow cat owners and veterinarians…Catbitats was formed. Kelly and I have discovered countless cat owners, all with the same problem. How do I let my indoor cat enjoy the benefits of being outside….safely?? A Catbitat by Habitat Haven is the solution!

We loved them so much, they are the only outdoor enclosures we install. Needless to say…Kelly, Brie, Spike, Domino and I would enjoy installing a Catbitat enclosure for you, today!

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