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Melanie’s Catbitat (San Diego, CA):

Melanie fosters cats for the Guardian Angels Shelter, in addition to her own cats. Shnitty and Ernie share their new Catbitat with fosters Peanut Butter and Sammy, (the Maine Coon ). Melaine was pleased to report, that her cats were in their new Catbitat…before we hit the highway!!

Large Enclosure

The Bridge!The Tower and Tunnel

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Here’s Jims Story (He has a Scruffy, too!!): 

Dwayne and Kelly,

After reading the narrative on your website, I can tell you that we thought the same about our Scruffy. That we would never touch him. But then he began to rub against my brother’s leg, then we could pet him a little, then he started to wander into the open door of the warehouse, then he was sleeping on the forklift seat, then he was raiding Fuzzy’s food dish, then he was staying inside overnight, then he was in my office, then he was on my lap, then……….
Now days, when I come into the warehouse in the morning, I have to keep my office door closed if I want to get any work done as he is on me all the time. He often sleeps on my desk next to my computer. We have rearranged the ADT sensors to accommodate these two cats…
Yes Scruffy is getting very fat and I cannot figure out how to stop this. Our other cat “Fuzzy” is 13-years-old now and has never had a weight problem. We keep them apart at night and in the morning feeding time. (From 5:00p.m. closing until 7:00a.m. opening they are locked in separate parts of the warehouse. Simply to keep Scruffy from raiding Fuzzy’s food supply)
They get along well, but occasionally one of us has to yell “HEY” when they are growling at each other. Fuzzy as the Alpha holds his ground even though Scruffy is now much larger in size. So, there are spats, but thankfully they have never tangled in a physical battle. So, we are fortunate I guess.
Scruffy has been here on the property now since the summer of 2007 and living indoors since fall of 2009.
I hope that your Scruffy can come to feel comfortable with you and allow you to take him to the vet and become a real cat friend like ours.
Regards, Jim
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Jims Scruffy (and Fuzzy)

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